Towie behind the scenes

 We arrived in windy Chelmsford at 8am on a Sunday morning. High House is  a really lovely venue in the middle of nowhere.

First stop Bobby Norris:

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Face and body art @feelgoodpainted @bobbcnorris

The carnival face and body paint for TOWIE Bobby Norris


I have to say, Bobby Norris is one of the nicest, genuine people I have ever met. Nothing like his Towie persona, he’s a total sweetheart, not what I was expecting at all. I thought if anyone is going to be a Diva it’ll be Bobby, how wrong I was. He stood patiently for almost 2 hours in the cold as I painted him and blinged him to the Max. It was TOWIE afterall. It was freezing cold in the marquee so we swapped places a few times to stop the cold wind blowing on him, then me, he kept his tracksuit bottoms on till the very end and draped a jacket over his back as I did his front then vice versa on his back. He was chatty throughout with both me and the rest of the TOWIE cast, telling the girls how beautiful they looked (they were stunning) and bantering with the boys.

I started by using TAG neon paint on his chest, bought from The Face Painting Shop a couple of days before. It’s really bright but takes lots of time to achieve an even finish, hence the yellow ended up looking a bit patchy. I then added the cameleon black velvet bought from Paintopia to his shoulders and lower torso to give a soft velvet effect. Next I used stargazer glitter gel to attach gilding flakes, chunky glitter and sequins also from  The Face Painting Shop on all the edges to give that TOWIE bling effect.

Bobby was thrilled with the result and said “I wish I could go out looking like this every weekend” I replied “Bobby, if you need a bit of bling, just give me a ring” Cheese on toast as Bobby would say 😉

Next up, Peter Wicks

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Face and body art @feelgoodpainted @p_wicks01

 Peter, Peter, Peter, what can I say about Peter?

It’s all bout the eyes, he’s like the snake in jungle book, if you look too long they hypnotise you. He’s even more handsome in real life. He said the trousers made him look like a gay Aladin, I said they looked more like his Nan’s curtains. To be honest he’d look good in anything. As I’m old enough to be his mum I can say that.

Anyway back to business.

For his chest I used Cameleon Venus outlined with Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz in bronze and cameleon strong black to outline. I also used this on his face. If I had more time I’d have used venus to outline his eye mask instead of the black but he was literally being called to do a scene so we had to leave it at that, shame.


Next was Dan Edgar

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Body art @feelgoodpainted @dan_edgar1

The first and lasting memory I have of Dan was how nice he smelt, it was amazing! Like lemons and clean linen, nothing I’ve ever smelt before. He was very sweet and let my husband have a spray of his aftershave to see if I liked it on him, bless!

We decided on a chest piece, abstract and feather like to maych his headpiece. For this I used my absolute favourite one stroke, Pansy and filled in the middle with gilding flakes in copper kettle. Outlined with cameleon strong black.

My final piece was Mario Falcone

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Face art @feelgoodpainted @mario_falcone

 Poor Mario had broken his arm a few days before falling off a segway so the body paint I had planned wasn’t to be. Instead we opted for an understated face design with a bit of bling all in black to match his outfit. He chatted throughout and swapped painkiller stories with my husband, poor thing must have been in pain.

On his face I used cameleon black velvet and gilding flakes, chunky glitter and discs in silver. I blurred the edges to make it look less harsh and added black glitter for the finishing touch.

We were thououghly spoilt by the TOWIE team with snacks, drinks and lunch throughout. It was a lovely day, we’re looking forward to next time.

Please feel free to share and email me at, I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

A few retweets from the boys would be lovely too!

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  1. I had a wonderful experience with Amanda, I am 39 weeks pregnant and had my bump painted twice, first time with my partner at mothercare, took about an hour and some photographs taken after to cherish the moment, I felt completely relaxed and baby loved it, was moving all over the place! Second time was to help Amanda at an event again at mothercare to advertise what she can do, again I felt completely relaxed and at ease with Amanda and having my hump on show to the public, I would recommend her to anyone! Xx

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