Superheroes body paint at Festival studio – 24hour Shootafon for Alzheimer’s Society

It’s Saturday 14th August, 2PM, and we’ve just arrived at Festival Studio for their 24 hour photo marathon to raise money for Alzheimer’s.

We started the day by making up Mimi-Jo so she could be photographer in her first outfit of studded bra and skull trousers. We then started painting Steve as Venom from Spiderman 3. “It’ll only take 2 hours with my new airbrush” I said confidently, 4 hours later we still weren’t complete. Poor Steve had no blood left in his head from the rubber hat squeezing it so it had to be removed periodically so he wouldn’t faint. Such a diva!

Our “Studio” for the day was situated in the ladies toilets at Festival Studio. They were full to the rafters so we were grateful of the space and even the large table they provided wasn’t big enough for 3 body paints worth of paints and props. I costantly couldn’t find things, more on that later but safe to say it was organised chaos.

Steve scared the life out of ladies wanting the loo, loitering by the doorway before he was painted, once venom emerged we thankfully had hardly any visitors! Can’t think why?

venom process, venom body paint, body paint essex, face paint venom
Venom start to finish


venom body paint, body paint esses, face paint essex, comic body paint, spiderman body paint
Behind the scenes, being generally silly

Steve kept us all occupied by generally being silly, just looking at him makes me laugh, he has one of those faces. Leggings and a rubber hat sent me over the edge, at one point I just couldn’t stop laughing. Luckily he doesn’t take offence, being a body paint model is 80% attitude 20% look, he has both in abundance.

wonder woman body paint, body paint essex, wonderwoman, superhero, comic book
Wonderwoman is my hero so loved doing this body paint

Next it was Wonder Woman’s turn, the lovely Emma. She’s been a good friend for a while now and didn’t take much persuading to be Wonderwoman even though she’s never been at a photo shoot before. Emma is so easy going, as long as you feed her every hour. We were offered drinks and snacks constantly by the lovely staff at Festival Studio but being in the toilet did nothing for our appetites and there was no time to stop. Emma isn’t known for being terribly feminine, she power lifts for a hobby and runs a gym so the combination of that and no food made her the perfect moody Wonderwoman. She’s always so helpful, she tentatively painted stars on her knickers as I painted Steve and took all the “in progress” photos. She’s alos lovely to have around. The poor pair huddled under a blanket to keep warm between shoots, lack of food and drink kicking in again. Body paint modelling is much tougher than it looks as the paint drops body temperature, standing still for hours make you tired, grumpy, light headed. Yet we all still managed to laugh, probably hysteria.

There’s a great article here that explains it from the model point of view

Poison Ivy body paint, bodypaint, poison ivy paint
Poison Ivy

Lastly is was the turn of Mimi-Jo to be transformed Poison Ivy. Custom made nipple covers were applied, leafy knickers that were a bit too cheeky in the bum for Mimi’s liking were put on. These were a big hit with the photographers who wanted to photograph her bum! Very tight, Red, high boots were shoehorned on, body paint and glorious wig finished the look. Mimi wiggled her way to the studio and was instantly papped! Mimi didn’t feel cold and unlike the rest of us was wide awake! I swear she runs on batteries! She couldn’t wait to get the killer boots off though, luckily there was a red satin bed in the studio where she could have a lie down while Venom UV took place.

UV venom body paint, venom face paint, glow in the dark body paint
First glimpses of Venom UV
UV body paint, venom face paint, venom body paint
Venom Body paint – Photo by Jan Marshall Photography

Not a very succesful UV shoot for me but the pro photographers have some great shots, Jan Marshall being one of them. Did I mention no food? This shoot was done at almost midnight, Steve’s head was throbbing, he’d had 2 cups of tea, needed a wee but didn’t want to risk it with the claws so I pacified him with a chocolate biscuit. He was a true professional and just kept on posing, holding a back bend for 2 minutes at a time. The photographers were limited to 3 poses each as he was so in demand yet we were all flagging badly.

The day ended at gone midnight for Emma, Steve and I, Mimi-Jo was still bouncing off the walls so stayed for the full 24 hours.

A fabulous day was had by all. Thank you Festival Studios, we’ll be back!

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